Hurri Cosmo

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“Your lover? That tall, thin ghost named Almar was your lover?”

“No! I told you. It wasn’t like that. But yeah, we… Well, we had similar interests.”

“Fuck the similar interests. At least you eat! That guy didn’t look strong enough to lift a fork. He blackmail you or something because…damn.”

“No. I know. He’s…odd. But he’s the alchemist in town and… “

“You wanted better rates?”

Khat shot Relath an angry look and Relath laughed.

“Honestly, I don’t see anything even appealing in that guy. Although I only saw him for a few minutes I totally remember him! Scarier than hell!” Then Relath frowned. “When was that? Wait…oh yeah. It was when I cured old man, Van Derke, right? Wasn’t he an alchemist too back a few hundred years or so?” Relath giggled. “Yeah, I have to admit, I made too big a show with that one. Did it for your benefit, you know. Showing off I guess.”

“Well, Almar wasn’t amused.”

“He lodge a complaint or something? Want you to run me out of town?”

“Worse. Van Derke is his father. Almar couldn’t cure him either. The man was dying. Then you come along. Well, Amar really believes you’re a…a wizard now. He’s an idiot. But he sent runners. To the castle.”

“What? Runners? As in to tattle on me? When?”

“That same day, is what he said. Fucker told me earlier today. But I have a feeling those runners are going to be tattling on more than just you. I think he wants my head now, too.”

“Shit. That wasn’t just the other day either. It was more like four. So chances are the runners have already arrived and there just might be a troop on its way back as we speak.”

“Pretty much what I was thinking.”

“So then why? What the hell was this all about? You had your way with me and now you lock me up and hand me over? Is that it?”

“No! Fuck, Relath! For someone as good as you are at scamming folks you sure can be stupid! I…I didn’t even mean to do this…but things got heated and… Face it, Relath, you’re not safe here. You never have been and now you’re out of time and you need to run. I’ve been not so subtly hinting at that for over a week, now.”

“Look, as accustomed as I am to running, you honestly do not need to worry about me. I am a wizard. They do exist so I can protect myself. The problem now is making sure you’re protected.” Especially with the smell he detected a moment ago. Relath rose from the cot and walked to his coat, now laying on the floor, and picked up a small bottle of his elixir. He sprinkled a few drops on his hand and turned back to Khat, slowly waving that hand, spreading his fingers.

Khat laughed out loud. “Me? You’re going to protect me? I’m sorry, Relath, but as amazing as your - elixir seems to be, I’m more inclined to believe you stole that liquid of yours off some unsuspecting alchemist. You cure a few small ailments with it, then make up the chillshade shit and rake in the dough.”

“You don’t believe in magic. I understand that. Then let me ask you a question.”

“Go ahead.”

“What would be the reason you’re floating six inches above the cot?”